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Dunleath: A Historic Neighborhood with a Pleasant Life

Dunleath is a historic district in Greensboro, North Carolina. Dunleath has many homes built during the early twentieth century and reflects traditional American styles, with many having front porches. Dunleath was built for the upper-class residents of Greensboro as well as some middle-class families with professional jobs. There are also plenty of newly constructed homes available to purchase that reflect modern tastes but still have the same tranquil feel that Dunleath’s homes provide.

The area was formerly known as the community of Aycock but was renamed in 2017. Dunleath is located on Summit Avenue, on the Northeast edge of town. The architecture in the neighborhood is diverse, including homes from the late 1800s and early 1900s when it was built. It is a popular neighborhood for those looking to downsize or retirees looking for an easy-going lifestyle.

There are two distinct levels of historic designations that the area holds. The first is the Locally Zoned Historic District, which it was designated in 1984, while the second is the National Register Historic District. This designation came in 1993.

Dunleath is the home of World War Memorial Stadium, Sternberger Park, and Greensboro Farmers Market. The World War Memorial Stadium is among the nation’s only surviving minor league stadiums. In addition, the Dunleath community garden was recently opened with much fanfare as it offers an excellent opportunity for residents to have access to fresh produce in their neighborhood.

The Dunleath Greenway trail connects downtown Greensboro’s greenways at the Dunleath and Browns Summit. Dunleath has a variety of shopping opportunities within its commercial district, including restaurants, dry cleaners, convenience stores, and much more.

Dunleath is home to many churches as well which provide spiritual guidance for residents that are looking for it in their community – United Presbyterian Church on the north side of Main Street at Dunleath Avenue, Dunleath United Methodist Church on the south side of Main Street at Dunleath Avenue, and Emmaus Lutheran Church on Arlington Place.

If you have children, you do not have to worry about a good school for them. The Melvin C. Swann Junior Middle School is one of the best schools in the area, and it sits within the neighborhood. In addition, Dunleath does not have a stoplight, making it ideal for those who utilize public transportation and prefer to live in less congested areas.

Dunleath has many available homes – most will be ranch or farm style with brick exterior. The area is also on one of the best bus routes in town, with access to all parts of Greensboro. One of Dunleath’s best qualities may be its location- it sits in one of the best neighborhoods in town and is close to many popular city attractions.

In conclusion, Dunleath is a historic neighborhood with a pleasant life. It has a mix of modern and 19th and 20th-century homes. The area is bordered by a few major highways but is separated from most of the traffic noise. Dunleath’s best quality may be its location- it sits in one of the best neighborhoods in town and is close to many popular city attractions.

The homes are more affordable than other neighborhoods, with average prices at $300,000.

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