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Guilford Hills: Neighborhood in Greensboro NC

Located on the north western side of Greensboro, North Carolina, Guilford Hills is one of the quaint neighborhoods of the city of Greensboro. Stretching over an area of 0.594 square miles, the neighborhood is home to over 1,300 residents. The neighborhood is bordered by Green Valley to its west, Garden Homes and Delwoods Park to its north, Kirkwood to its east and Lake Daniel to its south. Guilford Hills offers a substantial choice of settling in a peaceful and quaint neighborhood. The neighborhood is also quite well connected and a simple walk is enough to complete your daily chores. This suburb, in Greensboro, is lush with peaceful and tranquil streets and plenty of complementing open space and greenery.

Healthcare and Education: Guilford Hills has several options when it comes to education and healthcare. Residents can avail world-class healthcare facilities from the Green Valley Medical Centre and the Wendover OB/Gyn and Infertility clinic. Other nearby medical institutions include the Cone Health Moses Cone Hospital which is just an hour drive off W Wendover Avenue in Latham Park. For schooling, there is the General Greene Elementary School which is located across the street from the King’s Cross Church and the Parkway Baptist Mission House on Westmoreland Drive.

Recreation and other essentials: Guilford Hills, despite its quaint and meek nature, has plenty of recreational activities for its residents. These include:

·         Gracewood Park: A lush park where you can enjoy a day out with your family. With plenty of activities for the kids and a leisure day beside the lake for the parents, makes Gracewood Park is an ideal spot for your weekends and picnics.

·         Benjamin Public Library: For the bookworm inside you. This library accommodates several books for public use. With separate sections for kids and adults, you are sure to find the novel you were so desperately searching for online. The library also features several children’s activities to help you have a peaceful reading time.

·         Dining and Eating out: There are plenty of culinary options to choose from in Guilford Hills if you are not in the mood of cooking for yourself. Big brands like Krispy Kreme, Taco Bell, KFC, Wendy’s Texas Roadhouse etc can all be found lining Battleground Avenue.

·         Everyday essentials: Stores like Target and Harris Teeter caters to your everyday needs. Located just near the Lawndale Crossing Shopping Center, getting your hands on everyday essentials items is just a drive away.