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Hamilton Forest Greensboro, North Carolina

Located on the north-western side of Greensboro, Hamilton Forest is a tidy neighborhood that spreads over an area of 0.915 square miles with over 2,000 people calling Hamilton Forest their home. The neighborhood has a thriving community with all major and modern amenities well within reach of the residents. From parks to schools and from hospitals to churches, this neighborhood has it all. Some of the prominent spaces in the neighborhood include:

·         Education: Hamilton Forest is home to B’Nai Shalom Day School which is a non-profit organisation catering to various students in the region.

·         Recreation: There are several places of leisure and activities that the residents can enjoy. These include:

o   Brown Bark Park: A small and quaint neighborhood park to enjoy a day of leisure. With a lazy stream and nice walking trails, this is a popular attraction for many living in the neighborhood.

o   Cascade Park: Ideally suited for children, the park hosts several slides, swings and playhouses for the children which they can enjoy to their heart’s content. Several sandboxes for kids in the park help to unleash their creativity.

o   Luper Park: Located off Pebble Dr, Luper Park is another neighborhood park in Hamilton Forest. This seven-acre park is an ideal spot for your softball and soccer practice.

o   Lake Hamilton: Though not within the borders of the neighborhood, this wonderful neighborhood park is just on the other side of West Friendly Avenue. With more than 60 acres of sprawling land, the park surrounding the lake offers serene trails and streams to enjoy your day. The northern fringes of the park also feature a big playground when kids can frolic about.

·         Groceries: Hamilton Forest also houses many grocery stores as well as farmer’s markets. One of the most prominent of them being Food Solutions INC which is found at the intersection between Winterlochen Dr and Benfield Drive.

·         Religious Institutions: There are several churches found in the neighborhood of Hamilton Forest. These include the Friendly Avenue Baptist Church and Iglesia La Red Hispana Baptist Church located on West Friendly Avenue and the Dormition of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church on Westridge Road.

·         Transportation: The neighborhood is well connected thanks to regular bus services plying on the route. The west Friendly Avenue has several bus stops namely West Friendly/Jefferson Road, West Friendly/Lakewood Drive, West Friendly/East Keeling Roa, West Friendly/West Kemp Rd (IB) and West Friendly/Westminster among many others. This route is serviced by Bus 7 which ply between Friendly Homes W Stop 2 Lay Over Bay and Depot Slip 7.