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Hilltop Acres: Greensboro, North Carolina

Hilltop Acres neighborhood is a part of Greensboro. Hilltop Acres has a population of 23, with 52 percent males and 48 percent females with a median age of 48; 22 percent are families with children, 11 percent are single-female families, 11 percent are single-male households, and 67 percent are couples. Hilltop Acres has an average household size of 2.41 people and a family size of 2.77 people.

Hilltop Acres, Greensboro’s typical family income is $82,781, while the median individual income is $41,250. Approximately 94% of inhabitants have completed high school, 18% have completed some kind of college but do not have a degree, 6% have an associate degree, 24% have a bachelor’s degree, and 18% have completed graduate school.

Single Family Properties and Condominiums are two types of homes for sale in Hilltop Acres, Greensboro. Executive, managerial, and professional jobs employ 42.7 percent of the working population in the Hilltop area. Manufacturing and laborer jobs are the second most prominent occupational category in this neighborhood, employing 27.0 percent of the inhabitants. Other inhabitants work in sales and service positions, ranging from big sales accounts to fast food restaurants (20.6 percent), with 9.7 percent working in administrative, assistant, and tech support occupations.

Hilltop Acres, Greensboro broadband internet connection options include satellite and DOCSIS from 5 different providers. DOCSIS powered by Charter Communications Inc. provides download speeds of up to 940 mbps. People in this neighborhood speak a variety of languages. These are the languages that individuals prefer to speak when they are at home with their family. English is the most commonly spoken language in the Hilltop area, with 86.4 percent of households speaking it.

The Middle College at Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) – Jamestown (ranked 14 in the metro), The Academy at Smith (ranked 29 in the metro), and The Middle College at Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) – High Point (ranked 25 in the metro) are among the district’s five A+/A rated public high schools. Jamestown Middle School (ranked 42nd in the metro), Allen Jay Middle: A Preparatory Academy (ranked 39th in the metro), and Brown Summit Middle School (ranked 5th in the metro) are among the district’s four C and above rated public middle schools. Brooks Global Studies School (#10 in metro) is one of the districts two B+ and higher ranked public elementary schools.

Residents of Greensboro, North Carolina’s Hilltop area most often identify as English in terms of ethnicity or heritage (18.0 percent). There are also inhabitants of Mexican heritage (9.9 percent), persons with Irish origins (8.8 percent), and some with Asian ancestry (7.8 percent), as well as those with German ancestry (7.5 percent ), among others. Furthermore, 13.3 percent of this neighborhood’s populations were born in another nation.