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New Irving Park: Neighborhood in Greensboro NC

New Irving Park is one of the sprawling neighborhoods of the city of Greensboro, North Carolina. Though there are no demarcated official borders between the various neighborhoods, the information is compiled from the local residents of several neighborhoods. New Irving Park is bordered by Kirkwood and Brown Town to its south, Spicewood to its east, Natchez Trace to the north and Lawndale Homes to the west. New Irving Park is also home to the popular Buffalo Lake and Philadelphia Lake which is located on the southern fringes of the neighborhoods. Quite a popular living neighborhood, New Irving Park boasts several world class amenities for its residents.

Healthcare: There are several prominent medical institutions found within the boundaries of New Irving Park. These include the Carolina Paediatrics of the Triad PA, Carolina Kidney Associates, Greensboro Dermatology and Greensboro Ophthalmology.

Education: New Irving Park is home to Mendenhall Middle School which is located on Willoughby Boulevard. The school is spread over massive sprawling grounds with its southern edges bordering Philadelphia Lake.

Transportation: There are several bus stops dotted on the north Church Street which improves the public connectivity for the residents of the neighborhoods. The main stops include Church/Bond, Church/Broadview (OB) and 3308 Church St which are regularly serviced by Bus 3 which regularly runs between North Church Street, 3803 and Greensboro Depot.


o   Carolina Laurel Park: Located near the centre of the neighborhood, Carolina Laurel Park is a lush green park with plenty of visitors throughout the day. Stroll by the stream which flows directly into the Buffalo Lake makes for a fine leisure evening after a hard day of work. The park is also filled with slides, sandboxes and swings making it quite kid friendly.

o   Henry Street Park: This park can be found on the eastern fringes of the neighborhood. Though a bit smaller than the Carolina Laurel Park, Henry Street Park features more equipment and courts to suit everyone’s needs. From soccer and basketball courts to cosy benches and walk trails, this park has something for everyone.

o   Dining: The northern fringes of the city houses several prominent restaurants and fast food chains. These include Starbucks, Little Caesars Pizza, McDonald’s, Arby’s and many others. A few blocks off the Pisgah Church Road in the north is a Harris Teeter and Walgreens for your grocery and medicines.