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Oaks West: Neighborhood in Greensboro NC

The Oaks West is a Greensboro neighborhood.  Oaks West have an 885-person population, with 48 percent males and 52 percent females, with a median age of 37. This area is home to 28 percent families with children, 31 percent single-female families, 30 percent single-male households, and 39 percent couples. Oaks West have an average household size of 2.15 people and a family size of 2.82 people.

Oaks West, Greensboro inhabitants had a typical family income of $28,277 and a median individual income of $19,790. Approximately 87 percent of inhabitants have completed high school, 30 percent have completed some kind of education but do not have a degree, 3 percent have an associate degree, 17 percent have a bachelor’s degree, and 12 percent have completed graduate school.

Many community activities bring everyone together, such as the annual Spring Fling, a chili cook-off, Lindley Park Luminaries, and a monthly farmers market. This area is secure and quiet to live in, with many green spaces, trees bordering the streets, stone-covered entryways, and pedestrian-friendly paths. There is a house for everyone, with a diverse selection of architectural styles. It is also a significant textile hub, which brings much employment to the region and helps the city’s economy. Names like International Textile Group, VF Corporation, and ITG Brands are among the textile firms that call Greensboro home.

Single Family Properties and Condominiums are two types of homes for sale in Oaks West, Greensboro. There are few choices for taking public transportation or carpooling to work. More than 78 percent of Oaks West commuters travel alone to work.  Oaks West, Greensboro has 86.8 percent of adults with a high school diploma or above, which is 3.0 percent lower than the national average. Oaks West have 70% of its residences inhabited by renters, making it ideal for those searching for a neighborhood where inhabitants typically stay to themselves.

This area is ideal for families, with a wide range of single-family houses to select from. It has several parks and gives people a rural and small-town atmosphere. Mama Gina’s, Luigi’s Restaurant Bar and Pizzeria, and Godin’s Bakery are other family-friendly eateries in the neighborhood. There is much to do, from shopping at local shops to dining at one of the city’s top-rated restaurants. Many museums and performing arts galleries line the main streets, and the city is well-known for its art scene. A farmers market also draws the community together while providing fresh vegetables and helping local farmers.