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Starmount Forest in Greensboro, NC

When people think of Greensboro, they often associate it with the popular movie “A Walk to Remember,” or as the home of one of America’s most famed civil rights activists, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. However, there is much more to this large city than meets the eye. Starmount Forest offers a beautiful suburban feel that has many residents considering a move!

Starmount Forest is a beautiful Greensboro neighborhood that was built in the 1920s. With curvy streets, large trees, and homes in excellent condition, Starmount Forest is sought after by many who live within the neighborhood or plan to move to Greensboro. It is one of the best neighborhoods in Greensboro, is an excellent place for families with children, and provides easy access to major highways that can take residents anywhere they need to go with ease!

The architecture in this area is primarily colonial, modern, and traditional. Property values in this area of Greensboro are very high, and it is no wonder why! Starmount Forest offers a peaceful suburban feel that many people search for. 

The average listing price of houses here is approximately $560,000. Homes for sale in Starmount Forest typically cost between $560,000-950,000+, depending on size. On the other hand, apartments in this area usually cost about $600-$900/month, depending on the size of the unit and location.

This area of Greensboro offers many shopping opportunities; there are two malls in the neighborhood (one on each end). The newer mall is located at the intersection of High Point Road and Arlington Boulevard, while the older one is located on North Church Street.

The Starmount Forest Country Club has various amenities that make it a desirable location for those who enjoy golfing or socializing (or both). It was founded in 1931 by John T. Moriarty Jr. and offers two 18-hole courses, which are very well maintained. There are many activities at the club, including wedding receptions and banquets, golf outings, pro-ams, group lessons for adults and juniors, and private instruction by PGA professionals.

The Starmount Forest Library is also a unique feature of this neighborhood; it offers children’s programs on Saturdays and storytimes during the week. Residents can also find various children’s books, CDs, and DVDs at this library location for use in their homes.

Starmount Forest was the first community to have paved streets in Greensboro, which is why it has continued to be an attractive neighborhood throughout its time.

Many families are attracted to this neighborhood because it has an incredible quality of life, with homes ranging from the 1920s to the present. Starmount Forest has a diverse mix of families and is home to many different cultures. This neighborhood also features award-winning schools in the area. Some examples are Starmount Forest Elementary School, St. Ann Catholic High School, and The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Starmount Forest is located in the northwestern part of Greensboro. The city was built around the Starmount Forest Country Club, which is a focal point to the community and adds lots of character. The Starmount Forest Country Club is a beautiful country club that has been in Greensboro for over 100 years, which is another reason why Starmount Forest is such an attractive place to live! It offers various amenities, including golf courses, tennis courts, a pool area with slides, and so much more!

The Starmount Forest Country Club has a great golf course that is an actual skill test for the best. The 18 hole championship golf course offers challenging holes over hilly terrain, with no two rounds ever quite alike! If you’re not feeling up to playing on one of the courses, then enjoy fishing in one of the many lakes or enjoying a walk around one of Starmount Forest’s parks.

In conclusion, Starmount Forest is a beautiful place to live, and the Starmount Forest Country Club is an excellent backdrop for this beloved neighborhood. Starmount Forest is a great place to live for anyone looking for a slower-paced environment with excellent schools nearby!

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