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Woodlea Lakes: Neighborhood in Greensboro NC

Located on the southern fringes of Greensboro, Woodlea Lakes is a quaint neighbourhood bordered by Woodlea on the west, Vandalia in the east and Bethany Woods in the south. With 0.299 square miles of land, more than 350 people call Woodlea Lakes their home. The eastern side of the neighbourhood also holds the Rounda Lake Dam which is a reservoir.

Though the neighbourhood lacks schools and markets within its boundaries, essential amenities and facilities are well within reach. These include:

·         Education: The closest school to the neighbourhood is the Vandalia Elementary School located just a few blocks off East Vandalia Road.

·         Dining and other amenities: A couple of miles down West Vandalia Road has several prominent restaurants and grocery shops. These include Hardee’s, Dragon Express, Mrs Winners Chicken and Biscuits and a few others. Discount and amenities stores like Paradise Bins and Dollar Tree can also be found within this commercial cluster. Bank branches like Wells Fargo and BB&T are also found within this vicinity.

·         Recreation:

o   Rounda Lake Dam: This public lake is a paradise for those who love fishing. The reservoir is located just 3.4 miles from the Greensboro city. Lending to the “Lakes” of Woodlea Lakes, there are several fish species found in this lake. Some of the major fish species found in the lake include the catfish, bass, sunfish, pickerel and many more. Early morning hours between 4:30 AM and 6:30 AM and 5 to 7 in the dusk makes for the best fishing hours in the lake which can help with a decent catch.

·         Religious Institutions: There are several churches found in Woodlea Lakes. Prominent ones include the Eastern Gate Assembly of God, Shiloh Holiness Cogic and Greater Christian Fellowship on the east Vandalia Road.

·         Transportation: the south Elm-Eugene Street which runs across the western border of the neighbourhood has several bus stops making for easy conveyance for the residents of the neighbourhood. These include the south Elm-Eugene/Emory bus stop, the south Elm-Eugene/Montcastle bus stop and the south Elm-Eugene/Corliss bus stop. Bus 12 regularly services this route between Slip 12 Downtown Depot and WalMart.